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Kristina Mom, teacher, performer

Kristina's Wisdom

Mom, teacher, performer


"The pump is absolutely necessary and worth the money."

Why did you choose to use a Sensor and Smart Pump?
They do most of the work for me.

What are the trade-offs of using a Sensor and Smart Pump? 
I really don't like having to wear two sites, but I love that my pump tailors my basal rate.

What do you do with all the data?
I watch it day-to-day, but I leave most of the evaluating to my doctor.

How do you respond to people when they comment on your devices?
I tell them about them. They're really cool!

How do you make the devices comfortable on your body?
I snap them on my belt. They're annoying sometimes, but I've learned to deal.

What helps you trust your devices?
They can't do much worse than I could do on my own.

What would you tell someone considering this same combo? 
The pump is absolutely necessary and worth the money.