Qualify for Insurance

Many insurance companies require documentation of different qualifications before approving diabetes device coverage. Every insurance company is different, but some . common qualifications include checking your blood sugar 4-6 times per day and having frequent low blood sugars. Understanding what qualifications are necessary for device coverage before starting the approval process can make things a lot easier.

Step by Step

  1. Check with the device company
  2. Contact your insurance company
  3. Collect the necessary documents

1. Check with the device company

If you know what device you want, many companies will tell you what you need to show your insurance company for approval. Some companies have this information on their website, or you can call their customer service number.They want you to use their product, so they are usually more than willing to help!

“I trust the sensor and pump together, having it turn my insulin off if I‘m low is safe” - Sam, 48

2. Contact your insurance company

Sometimes, your insurance company can also give you information about what documents they need in order to approve you for device use. It’s best to follow all of their recommendations to speed up the approval process.

3. Collect the necessary Documents

Once you know what you need, start gathering all of the documents you need to prove you qualify for the device. You may need to call your clinic and have them send you lab results or clinic notes. Once you have all of your materials, you are ready to start the insurance approval process!